Is this where I put it? Here’s mine: ” I’ve always thought EXO fans were the batshit craziest fans until I posted my opinion about a group I like and got hate from it. Other rookie groups’ fans are WORSE. “ 

- Annymous

This is not a HATE’s an OPINION blog. Know the difference. Please. 

Does anybody wants to be my co-admin?

I really don’t like B2ST. They just get on my nerves for some reason. I don’t know why, I just do NOT like them at all… 


I dislike GD. Sorry :( 


I hate it when people dislike kpop nowadays just because it has become popular. I understand that some fans are crazy, but why categorize everyone like that? If you’re mad just because you felt special before, maybe you should grow up. If something is good, people will like it. It’s not overrated just because its popular. 


I don’t think Junsu/Minjun/Jun. ki from 2PM is a good singer. Actually I think he’s pretty bad compared to the main vocals from a lot of others groups. 


I personally think f(x), as a group, is much more talented then SNSD (and EXO). So it upsets me that f(x) only have like one half-assed comeback a year. :( 


i feel like junsu is not meant to be in dbsk/jyj or in a group in general. i think he’s a lot better as a solo artist ‘cuz he’s very introvert and others obviously aren’t(at least on camera); they tend to push him into the background so he doesn’t shine as he could. i was so happy when he started his solo promotions, finally we had the chance to see all of his talent/person 

In regards to CL’s The Baddest Female: I really like the song but to tell you the truth I’m kinda disappointed on the fact that the video did not showcase the badass chicks of YG. If this song is meant to be an anthem to badass girls then at least bring in the bad ass girls that work with you … YG boys get enough media coverage as it is. In all I love the song but I think they lost a chance to really pay respect to the women in YG entertainment.