T-ara is innocent please read  



Lee Hi is incredibly boring. Don’t get the hype at all. 

- Anonymous

Sungmin and Sunny looks so cute together! AHHHH! :D 

- Anonymous

SNSD is the reason why I’m a K-Pop fan right now :D 

- Anonymous

I’m really sorry if it took so long for me to post your submissions, I was really busy and preoccupied these past few days. This won’t happen again. Keep your submissions coming.

p.s I will never take down this blog.

- Admin Hannah

Anonymous asked:
I hope you won't take down this blog :'(

I’ll never do that.. ^_^

Anonymous asked:
Hi Admins! :D I just want to ask what are your favourite OTPs? :D

I really don’t have an OTP. :(

-Admin Hannah

Fans are spazzing out about Donghae and Dara following each other on twitter. Like What? What’s wrong with that. >< I just think it’s too much. 

- Anonymous

I really think Donghae deserves the title as SUJU’s Visual. I mean there is something lacking in Siwon. Fans like him because of his looks. But I really think something’s lacking from him. Donghae is better as the visual tho. 

- Anonymous

Anonymous asked:
Is this blog still active?

yeah, it just that nobody sends us anything. :(